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Tavern & Tea Room at Tea Party Museum Opens on 6/25

Photo: Official Site

Adam's Hospitality & Tourism Industry Blog reports that the new Boston Tea Party Museum will open on June 25, and the museum has confirmed that its Tavern & Tea Room will open at the same time. Stifle that yawn: here are few reasons why this is actually pretty interesting news. First, forget the museum for a moment. It's another waterfront bar. In fact, rumor has it that the tavern may be getting its license from the imperiled Ups N Downs. Second, the Tea Room has its own tea master: tea expert and professional tea blender Bruce Richardson, author of several books on the subject. Also, the tea room will pour some of the same types of tea actually thrown overboard in the Boston Tea Party. And the final reason why you shouldn't be bored by the prospect of a tea room at a museum: old-timey food is so hot right now.

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