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The Temple Place Restaurant Mini-Boom

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Photo: 49 Social/Official Site

The Ladder District street Temple Place is experiencing a mini-restaurant boom all its own, and there are rumors of yet another restaurant to come. The Globe points out that three restaurants have opened on just this street since 2010, including 49 Social, which opened last year, and the instant classic JM Curley, which opened in December. The article calls this street "a microcosm" for revitalization happening throughout downtown neighborhoods with what spaces remain being snatched up. "Toss another anecdote on the pile of proof that downtown Boston's hopping like it's never hopped in living memory" says Curbed. Expect another eatery or bar to move into the first floor of the building at 37-43 Temple. The building's owner tells the Globe that "he soon expects to sign a lease with a restaurant."

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jm Curley

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