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West Coast May Beat Out Boston for Top Chef Season 10

Despite the efforts of a social media campaign, Mayor Menino's Twitter crusade, and a possible deal with Sam Adams, it appears as though Top Chef don't "gotta try Boston." The Herald concedes that "details are sketchy" but reports that "it appears Boston’s efforts to snag the 10th season of Bravo's 'Top Chef' have bottomed out," saying that either Portland or Seattle will probably host the show. The Herald suspects that the reason may be that Boston didn't "cook up the cash" like the other cities, saying "We hear the winning city coughed up free hotel rooms." On the plus side, Boston's failure to attract the show may be proof of its integrity, having decided against spending tax payer dollars on bringing in a TV show, like Texas did. On the downside, we don't get a Top Chef.

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[Photo: TVGasm]