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A Look Inside Nix's Mate, Opening Friday

[Photos: Jamie Rogers]

This Friday Nix's Mate opens in the downtown Hilton, reflecting changing tastes by replacing the California-Tuscan Caliterra with a more regional menu. David Nevins will serve as executive chef, having formerly worked at Olives and Neptune Oyster, where in the words of a recent commenter, he "kicked ass and basically dominated the Boston food scene." Eight beers will be on tap at the quartz and maple bar along with cocktails like a Manhattan riff with an in-house brandied cherry and the Mile High, made with Bulleit bourbon, roasted pineapple and pineapple-chipotle syrup. Wine runs about $10 a glass, cocktails range from $12 to $14 with menu items like roasted chicken breast with mashed potatoes and a garlic-braised thigh falling between $7 and $17. Pieces of a local pier live on in the decor.

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Nix's Mate

89 Broad St, Boston, MA