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Boston May Get Its Very Own Xi'an Famous Foods

Photo: Daniel Krieger/Eater NY

New York's Xi'an Famous Foods may be coming to Boston, according to a post on Chowhound that reports hearing the news from none other but Xi'an manager Jason Wang, who is the chef's son and who has been a key figure in the restaurant's expansion. Eater NY reports that Xi'an Famous Foods grew from its small original location in Flushing to "a mini chain with three locations in Manhattan and more on the way" and that celeb chefs like Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern are both fans of the hand-pulled noodles. Per the Chowhound post, Wang says "XFF will shortly be opening in Boston; he's looking for a location as we speak" and that the restaurant is planning to go national with Boston being its first stop.

Update: Looks like Xi'an would like to come to Boston but isn't going to anytime soon.

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