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A Beer Hall for Harpoon; TC's Lounge to Rebuild

Photo: TC's Lounge/The Orange Room

WATERFRONT - The Harpoon Brewery has gotten the go ahead for its planned expansion and will now proceed to create a new visitors center including a big new beer hall. Part of its $3.5 million financing will also go to new machines that will up production. [EB, BH via GS]

BACK BAY - Beloved dive bar TC's Lounge will indeed rebuild after a catastrophic fire that caused $250,000 in damage and occurred oddly close to the time and place of the source of the Boston Blackout last month. No timeframe has been set, but a bartender tells the Patch that TC's is planning a comeback. "It doesn't look it, but we were really lucky." [Back Bay Patch via BRT]

NORTH END - Gennaro’s 5 North Square chef Marisa Iocco has announced a new menu concept called "MANGIAMERICA" which shamelessly embraces Italian-American cooking as its own worthy cuisine. Dishes center around staples like meatballs, mozzarella and macaroni. [Official Site]