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Yeah Super Kicks Off with Kickass Cupcakes

Eater spoke with America's Test Kitchen online managing editor Christine Liu as she hurtled towards SXSW on StartupBus, a mobile startup incubator that has created a new company featuring local businesses, starting with Kickass Cupcakes. Liu explained the concept while humming down the highway in rural Louisiana with "a busload of sleep-deprived hackers" and nothing but cows in sight.

Here's how the StartupBus works: a bunch of tech-savvy folks who have never met are thrown together to create and launch a brand new company. Liu's bus (there are several) gave birth to Yeah Super, which showcases different businesses from around the U.S. each day by telling their stories and selling T-shirts with their logos. The businesses pay nothing but share in the proceeds. Liu promises that "some local favorites" will be joining the roster but can't yet divulge which. Yeah Super launches today: for more info, see here.

· Yeah Super [Official Site]

[Photo: Facebook/Kickass Cupcakes]