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Trouble for Kingfish Hall?

Photo: Facebook/Todd English's Kingfish Hall

A Todd English rep told told Grub Street that changes in the hours at Kingfish Hall were do to a slow point in the season, but our anonymous source via restaurant critic MC Slim JB suggests otherwise. His or her initial comment spoke of turmoil including bounced paychecks and the threat of a lawsuit. Though the rep told Grub Street the changes were due to the season, an employee told Eater that the schedule had changed due to renovations, and the disparate explanations combined with the reports from our source suggest that something is up. The latest word from our informant:

"I chose the unemployment route that was offered to us but I still have close friends that are still working and one of them told me that he was told Kingfish is closing for good tomorrow [last] sat-night. So the PR spin from Señor Todd is total BS."

Meanwhile, another tipster tells Eater that changes are definitely afoot at Namaskar in Davis Square, another restaurant that has cut its hours. Andrea writes:

"I walk through Davis on the way home almost nightly. Yesterday it was apparent that someone's going in/out of the space - since the booths look like they have been moved to the middle of the room, from the side walls. There's also random stuff being deconstructed. It looks like the stereo was out on the floor (instead of in the wall). If they're not doing a renovation, then someone's prepping the space for a turnover."

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