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Dante's Frozen Yogurt Bar Coming to Allston


A new frozen yogurt fix called Dante's Frozen Yogurt Bar is coming to Comm Ave in Allston. That info comes via Heather Vandenengel of DigBoston's Honest Pint column, who spotted the above sign in the upcoming establishment's window. Though fro-you may not have the white-hot status of the cupcake, it's clear that it still has fans: Vandenengel captioned her photo with a "Yes" spelled with several s's and followed by a healthy number of exclamation points. Dante's is named after a cat, which is why its logo features an animal whose tail is morphing into soft serve, and the company pledges to use only fresh milk, real fruit, and the most benign of microorganisms. The locally-owned store boasts that its product is superior in taste and creaminess to "frozen yogurt that has that grainy texture that’s light on flavor and high on unpleasantness." Expect flavors to change frequently, a wide array of toppings and a self-serve setup.

· Dante's Frozen Yogurt Bar [Official Site]

Dante's Frozen Yogurt Bar

1236 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA