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Fenway Park Announces Private Royal Rooters Club

Photo: Flickr/12thSonOfLama

Season ticket holders at Fenway Park will now have access to a private, 6,000 square foot venue located above the Big Concourse and called the Royal Rooters Club in what was formerly the Players Club. As if being a season ticket holder wasn't enough, there members can enjoy a full bar, "contemporary American dining," their own private entrance and concierge service. The space will also house a collection of memorabilia dubbed Home of the Nation’s Archives, featuring artifacts like a base Dave Roberts once stole and the baseball used by Roger Clemens during his 20-strikeout game in 1986.

Chicken and beer will probably not be offered, at least not together, but perhaps Fenway chef and upcoming Around the World in 80 Plates star Steve "Nookie" Postal will bring back the pork blood ice cream he whipped up for Cochon 555 this past weekend. Comments on a related Boston Herald article are dutifully cheeky. For instance: "you too can have a $35 watered beer while looking at Denny Doyle's spikes or Onion Rings for $42 next to the glove Eddie Jurak used to catch a rat." Other choice comments include:

· "The world of sports have become a place for the rich and men who live in their moms basement."

· "Plaque inscription: "Here hangs the hypodermic needle Clemens used to inject human growth hormone, while pitching for the Yankees."

· "After you pay $125 a ticket, $10.00 for a warm, water-down beer, $8.50 for a cold, gross hot dog, don't forget to spend $200.00 on one of Larry the rat Lucchinos bricks."

· "Fenway sucks, the org sucks, and the players are all for one,that being themselves because of guaranteed screw them!!!"

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