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Another Downtown Market May Be in Store

Photo: Official Site

The city is currently reviewing proposals by bidders seeking to build on a downtown site that may become home to a new market by the Greenway, but not the new downtown public market. One bidder promises an additional market for the bottom floor of a new museum complete with glass elevators and a green roof. That space, which would be called the Boston Community Marketplace, would have "vendors from Boston’s diverse ethnic communities selling grocery staples and other packaged foods, fresh foods, and traditional ready-to-eat items."

How would this slick, new market interact with the existing, often rough-and-tumble Haymarket? It would provide facilities for current Haymarket vendors and would shutter during Haymarket's traditional Friday and Saturday hours. After all, Haymarket did call dibs on the site about 100 years ago.

Correction: the building containing the proposed market pictured at top is not the downtown public market, as previously reported, but an additional market space.

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