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New Food Truck Locations, But Not in Coolidge Corner

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Photo: South Bay Foodies

New food truck locations have been announced for Boston but there will be fewer than were expected for the new mobile food vendor pilot program in Brookline. The Boston Business Journal reports that six new spots have been added in Back Bay, Chinatown, the Financial District and South End. However in Brookline Wicked Local says that a group of neighbors have pressured officials to "recommend against" a proposed cluster of trucks in Coolidge Corner, threatening to picket if they don't get their way.

The neighbors' opposition stems from concerns about "noise and smells." Perhaps the thought of hearing people laugh as they devoured delicious treats otherwise unavailable in the neighborhood was simply too much for some.

Back in Boston, two new trucks have been added near Copley Square with one new truck coming by the RMV in Chinatown and two on the corner of Milk and Kilby in the Financial District. In the South End, one new truck will be serving at Tremont and Berkeley. The BBJ notes that these additions bring the grand total of sites to 21, not counting those on the Greenway. The additional sites seem due in part to advocacy by the Greater Boston Mobile Food Collective, started by Staff Meal's Adam Gendreau, who wrote an open letter to the city and who Eater spoke with earlier about his frustrations.

For a full list of which trucks will be where, check out the city's website, or for Globe restaurant critic Devra First's highlights, see here.

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Staff Meal Food Truck

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