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Operator Picked for Upcoming Downtown Public Market

Photo: Facebook/Boston Public Market Association

The Globe reports that the non-profit called the Boston Public Market Association will, surprise, run the upcoming downtown public market. The year-round market will operate on Blackstone Street near the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway and plans to sell locally sourced produce, meat, fish, dairy and flowers. The non-profit was the only organization that supplied a proposal for the site, which they intend to look like the above photo, though probably a little less shiny. The state has agreed to pony up $4 million for the project, and the organization expects to raise another $11 million to make it a reality.

Of course there are already tons of neighborhood farmers markets scattered about the city - more than one for every day of the week - though not all operate year-round or provide the kind of variety promised by this, the mother of all Boston markets. Expect a summer 2014 opening.

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