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Ken Oringer Gets Today Show Hosts To Pour Wine All Over Their Faces

Photo: Official Site

Things get crazy on the Today show when Ken Oringer drops by to make paella as well as mischief. Al Roker jokes about how long it takes him to have sex (a half hour) and Natalie Morales pours cava all over her face as Oringer covers her with a towel and holds her shoulder. The clip ends with a slow motion replay of the Spanish wine trickling down Morales' cheek. Want a closer look? Check out the show's blog, which goes one step further and features a play-by-play photo series titled "Chug, chug, chug! Natalie's morning swig." MSNBC, you dog!

From the transcript:

Al: Hold on, only got about a half hour!
Natalie: You only need a half hour?
Savannah: Something's cooking in his kitchen and it ain't paella!

For the full video, see here.

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