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T.C.’s Lounge Suffers $250,000 in Damages From Fire

Photo: Twitter/Boston Fire Dept.

Late yesterday afternoon T.C.’s Lounge on Haviland Street suffered a two-alarm fire that caused an estimated $250,000 in damages, says the Globe. The fire occurred not far from and shortly before the three-alarm fire in an electrical transformer that has since shut down much of downtown. While that seems bizarrely coincidental, as of yet no connections between the to two fires have been made. The fire department reported no injuries, and while we're not sure if T.C.'s will be rebuilding, it seems safe to say from the photos that it won't be open any time soon.

· Bar sustains $250,000 damage in fire [BG]

T.C.'s Lounge

1 Haviland, St Boston, MA