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The Aquitaine Group Partner Launches Online Resy Tool

Jeffrey Gates, a restaurateur with The Aquitaine Group, which manages six restaurants including Union Bar and Grille, was fed up with existing "too expensive and limited" online reservation and table management tools, so he created his own. Or so goes the creation myth of URESERV, a new online service for restaurants that was launched yesterday at the New England Food Show. While URESERV made no direct mention of the competition to Eater, the Herald was quick to draw comparisons to OpenTable, saying Gates "hopes to overturn Open-Table’s stranglehold on the industry."

In its own words, URESERVE promises to be a "more cost-effective and robust option than what is currently available." A representative tells Eater that the product has already attracted over 130 restaurant users and is reserving at a growing rate of 3,000 seats per day, which begs the question: can a local David take down OpenTable's Goliath? Stay tuned. Have you used URESERV? Like or hate OpenTable? By all means, let us know in the comments.

· UReserv cuts cost of online table-booking [BH]

[Photo: Official Site]