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Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe: the e-book

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Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe on Columbus Ave. in Back Bay is the subject of the forthcoming e-book Where Hash Rules by freelance writer and former Charlie’s employee George Cuddy. reports that the book will be released within weeks and that it details a Forrest Gump-like series of brushes with history for the family-owned restaurant, which opened in 1927. The book describes how the restaurant catered to African Americans entertainers like Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway in an era when many did not, served Pullman Porters, a mobster (“He was one of the nicest customers we had”), and used to feature storefront tap dances by a not-yet-famous Sammy Davis Jr. And did it also invent the internets? For an excerpt, see here.

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Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe

429 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA