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Kupel's Bakery Awaiting Disciplinary Action

Kupel's Bakery was forced to close for 24 hours early last month when health inspectors found rodent feces "scattered around the bakery’s kitchen," says MyFoxBoston. (Scattered indeed.) Now the bakery, which is often touted as Boston's best bagel fix, is awaiting further disciplinary action. The offending ingredients were also found in a batch of dough and a dead mouse was discovered still in its trap, which is not necessarily a bad thing when you have a mouse problem but which doesn't seem to have strengthened the bakery's case. A hearing was held on February 21, though Fox says the outcome has not yet been decided.

· Rodent feces found at Brookline bakery [MyFoxBoston]

[Photo: Kupel's Bakery/Official Site]

Kupel's Bakery

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