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Chick-fil-A Responds to Northeastern's Rejection

Chick-fil-A has responded critically to a decision by Northeastern's student government to block the chain from setting up shop on campus. The students took issue with the chain's alleged support of organizations that are opposed to gay rights, but according to, the company says they've got it wrong. "We are not anti-anybody," says Chick-fil-A, who called the decision "hasty." They also say that it was the student gov that "had [previously] overwhelmingly selected the Chick-fil-A brand" and quotes an article by a Bowling Green State University (who also voted against them) that differentiates between giving to organizations that "because of their religious beliefs... naturally don’t promote homosexuality" versus organizations that are "actively battling gay rights." Well, Northeastern? Now do you want some Chick-n-Strips?

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[Photo: Curry Student Center/The Huntington News]