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Barstool Sports' David Portnoy Attacks Mayor Menino and the Boston Herald Over Blackout Parties

Photo: Taylor Dobbs/The Huntington News

The Barstool Blackout Tour, a traveling party aimed at college students created by the publication Barstool Sports, has come out swinging against Mayor Menino and the Boston Herald. Menino and the Herald responded to recent Blackout Parties at the House of Blues that inspired protests from a movement known as Knockout Barstool, who accuse the parties of promoting drinking to excess, misogyny, and rape. In a post on its website, Barstool editor David Portnoy in turn called his critics "Crazy Bitches" and "ugly dykes who hate pretty girls."

The Herald article rattled off a series of incidents that have occurred at previous Blackout Parties in New England, including brawls and arrests. Barstool responded by putting itself the same position as victims of the Holocaust, comparing its opponents to Nazis and the KKK: "It would be like asking black people to defend themselves against accusations from the KKK or Jews from Hitler." Barstool also took shots at Menino, saying "That Menino didn’t seem to have a problem throwing Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa concerts on city Hall with 30,000 underage kids all fucked up rioting on the subway with no police or crowd control." The Herald reports that there are two more already sold-out Blackout Parties coming to Boston this Spring.

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