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The Souper Bowl, a Lousy Year for Ice Fising

Photo: Haley House Bakery Cafe/YallaBoston

DORCHESTER - Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows, and a tough economy apparently acquaints a cafe with a florist. The Dorchester Reporter says that the cafe Dot2Dot has merged with a local florist that was forced to close due to financial woes. Thus far it's been a boon to both. [DR via BRT]

ROXBURY - The Haley House Bakery Cafe in Dudley Square is hosting its fourth annual Boston Souper Bowl. Participating chefs will serve a variety of soups made with local ingredients as a fundraiser for the soup kitchen at Haley House. Sunday, February 12th, with admission at 15-minute intervals between 2pm to 5pm. Tickets are $30, can be purchased here, and include a handcrafted ceramic bowl from the Clay for Change program at MassArt. [Official Site]

STATEWIDE - It's been a lousy year for ice fishing. Temperatures have been so warm that the annual Bristol County Ice Masters Ice Fishing Tournament on Monponsett Pond in Halifax was canceled. [BG]