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City Slaps Pawngo With Violation for Butterfinger Prank

Photo: Megan Marrs/BostonInno

The Globe reports that the online company Pawngo has been issued a violation for commercial dumping after the company unleashed an insultory deluge of Butterfingers in Copley Square yesterday. The candygram was intended as commentary on the Patriots' Super Bowl loss and came with a sign declaring “Thank You Wes Welker” aimed at the wide receiver who failed to catch a pass that might have changed the tide of the game. A statement sent to the Globe by the CEO of Pawngo says "we at Pawngo thought Boston fans deserved a little something in return for their heartbreaking loss in the form of a great candy!" The story has been picked up by Fox News, the Denver Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post and countless others, so in exchange for one little dumping violation, Pawngo got something much more: famous.

· dumps Butterfingers in Copley Square []
· Butterfingers dumped in Copley in honor of Patriots loss [-EB-]