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Hot Chefs Round 6: Oringer, Mei, Husbands

Photo: Ken Oringer, Asia Mei, Andy Husbands

eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgAnnouncing the winner of yesterday's poll for Boston's Hottest Chef: Chris Coombs of Deuxave and dbar! That means Coombs will go on to battle Michael Scelfo, Joanne Chang, Jason Santos, Rebecca Newell and the remaining chefs who survive the first eight rounds. And now it's on to Round 6: Ken Oringer of Clio, Uni, Coppa, Toro, La Verdad and KO Prime against Asia Mei of Sam's at Louis and Andy Husbands of Tremont 647. Note: polls close 24 hours after they're posted, so you have from now till 1pm tomorrow to vote on today's winner.

Poll results


371 Commonwealth Avenue, , MA 02115 (617) 517-5915 Visit Website

Uni Boston

370A Commonwealth Avenue, , MA 02215 (617) 536-7200 Visit Website

Tremont 647

647 Tremont Street, , MA 02118 (617) 266-4600 Visit Website

KO Prime

90 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108 617 772 0202

La Verdad

1 Lansdowne Street, Boston, MA 02215 617 421 9595


1704 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02118 617.536.4300 Visit Website


917 Glacier Avenue, , AK 99801 (907) 586-3500 Visit Website


370 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215 617 536 7200

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