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Andrew Zimmern Talks Octopi Condos at Babson

TV personality and chef Andrew Zimmern is taking a break from eating bugs to serve as entrepreneur-in-residence at Babson College. Yesterday he addressed a crowd of 300+ students, speaking about his experiences traveling the world as the host of the show Bizarre Foods. Without the quick cuts, one-liners and waggly eyebrows, Zimmern comes across as surprisingly serene. He talks about why we should preserve American food culture and explains how globetrotting has changed him. "I am so risk averse, when we're in Venezuela and a couple of guys shove automatic weapons into the car, why am I the guy who gets out and negotiates with the highway robbers? I don't know! I'm a better version of myself when I'm on the road." See here for the video of his presentation (though he doesn't come on for the first 20 minutes). He also tells the students how to build underwater condos for octopi. His Boston episode airs on February 19th.

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