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Allston Diner Gets Into It with Angry Yelper

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Photo: Allston Diner/Thrillist

Grub Street reports that the newly opened Allston Diner has gone where few restaurants dare to go: engaging with a nasty reviewer on Yelp. After an unsatisfied customer called his meal "the worst dining experience of my life" and "a terrible mistake," the Allston Diner's Mark B. then invited the offended party to say more. After another round, Mark B. thanked the Yelper for his feedback but also drew some boundaries, saying they could not oblige a request for "corn beef out of a can." The nasty review is sandwiched between glowing reviews, which also caused the pissed poster to suspect that the others were ringers.

Eater spoke with front of the house manager Aaron Cerretti for his perspective. He says: "That was a review from a customer on the first day who left before paying and before having a bite of their food. We could have done anything to satisfy their problems but they weren't interested in having us help them out. I really don't understand where it came from."

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Allston Diner

431 Cambridge Street, Allston, MA 02134 617 208 8741

Allston Diner

431 Cambridge Street, Allston, MA