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Otto Pizza Responds to Mario Batali's Tweets

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Yesterday we brought news of Mario Batali's enraged tweets directed at Otto Pizza, which has locations in Portland, ME and Harvard Square. Otto got in touch with Eater to share their response to Batali:

We have nothing but the utmost esteem for Chef Batali, his cuisine and the successful business that he has built from the ground up. We certainly meant no disrespect to him – or to the OTTO Pizza in Tempe, AZ, for that matter – when we chose the name of our little shop in Portland nearly three years ago. Given the nature of Chef Batali’s comments, though, we’re just glad we didn’t call our shop Ray’s, because if we had, we’d probably have 50 or 60 New York pizza shop owners hammering us on Twitter instead of just one. Nonetheless, we wish Chef Batali nothing but success in both his current and future endeavors.

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Otto Pizza

1432 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138 617 499 3352 Visit Website

Otto Pizza

1432 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA