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Robert Nadeau Gives The Salty Pig Three Stars

Photo: Yelp/Damien S.

Robert Nadeau reviews The Salty Pig in the latest Boston Phoenix and gives the Back Bay restaurant three stars. "There are vegetarian options, but even the spectacular fried mushrooms could really use a little sprinkle of smoky bacon, in my opinion." Nadeau reports that the food is "full of fun surprises" like "morsels of [pig] ear... slow-cooked into an impressive creamy pasta sauce." His favorite appetizer: pepperoni pizza. [BP]

MC Slim JB reviews Brick & Mortar in the latest STUFF Magazine and notes that "it's important to slow your system's absorption of ethanol so that your social lubrication doesn't slide into slurry inebriation." In other words, eat when you drink, which is easy to do well here. Yes this is primarily a cocktail bar, but Slim notes the "cleverly" done riff on chicken and waffles: a friend confit thigh "on a fine, crisp cornmeal waffle dotted with red currants, given a lovely sweet-sour tang with maple gastrique." Also noted: duck hash, with "four perfect, rosy slices of duck breast." [STUFF]

Devra First does a double review in this week's food section of The Boston Globe. On the table are Sweet Cheeks and Wahlburgers in Hingham, with Sweet Cheeks earning three stars. Like others before her, First is quite pleased with Sweet Cheeks. Right off the bat she deflates any regionally motivated talk of "real" 'cue, saying "perhaps as Yankees we can take a bit of a pass on the barbecue politics and appreciate it for what it is: damn good food." She is less enthusiastic about Wahlburgers, which she gives one and half stars. [BG]

B. N. Lee reviews Strip-T's for The Improper Bostonian and gives the Watertown diner a full five stars. Despite chicken wings that are "rubbery in parts and charred in others" and the difficulty in remaining unbiased despite the restaurant's "too good a story" background, Lee sings the restaurant's praises, especially when it comes to the roast duck. "It would’ve cost twice as much and tasted only half as good if ordered anywhere in Boston." [IB]

Two reviewers tackled Craigie on Main this week. For CBS Boston Rachel Blumenthal focuses on the tasting menu known as The Ultimate Craigie Experience and finds the service to be "impeccable" and the ambiance "charmingly rustic while still giving off a special-night-out vibe." High quality ingredients "come together seamlessly." [CBS]

For Eating In Or Out, a poster named Sacha goes into more depth about specific dishes at Craigie. An amuse is "puckeringly salty," neither the soup of butternut squash nor grilled two cheese and pork belly sandwich is too rich, and slow-roasted dayboat monkfish "was pristine in its plating and execution — pure and innocent, as if it had been touched by pale virgin hands." [EIOO]

Boston's Hidden Restaurants visits Shanghai Gate in Allston and is pleased at the un-Americanized menu. "The 'Chef Suggest' menu has some interesting choices, including a bright-tasting (and rather filling) sizzled eggplant with pork and garlic, mashed taro, braised pig knuckles, and sliced sea conch." Also noted: the lion's head casserole. [BHR]

Craigie On Main

853 Main Street, , MA 02139 (617) 497-5511 Visit Website

Sweet Cheeks

1381 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02215 617 266 1300 Visit Website

Shanghai Gate

204 Harvard Avenue, , MA 02134 (617) 566-7344 Visit Website

The Salty Pig

130 Dartmouth Street, , MA 02116 (617) 536-6200 Visit Website

Strip-T's Restaurant

93 School Street, , MA 02472 (617) 923-4330 Visit Website

The Salty Pig

130 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA