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Announcing Barrio, Wheeler del Toro's New Pop-up

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Pop-up restaurateur and vegan ice cream maker Wheeler del Toro tells Eater that his latest endeavor, called Barrio, will take place next week. Del Toro's ephemeral dining experiences, such as Fillet of Soul and Dining in the Dark, are often limited to members of his mailing list, but Barrio will be wide open to you, the general public. An associate of del Toro's says that Barrio is "a celebration of Afro Cuban street food" that "draws on inspiration from the hues, spices, and flavors of the barrios of Cuba."

Barrio will take place on Thursday, March 8th, at 8:30pm at a still undisclosed location. Tickets can be purchased by emailing Also, subscribers to the Eater Boston newsletter will also have a special opportunity to experience Barrio, so if you haven't signed up yet, now's the time.

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[Photo: Rayna Verbeck/Official Site]