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Spring Ahead Legally, March Madness for Beer

[Photo: Official Site]

PARK SQUARE - Legal Sea Foods honors the first day of spring with a Vernal Equinox dinner, a seasonal four-course menu designed to awaken hibernating taste buds. The dinner will be served up in Park Square's 10,000 bottle wine cellar. Tuesday, March 20, 6:30pm, $40. Call for reservations: 617.530.9392 [The Passionate Foodie]

NORTH END - During March Madness, Ducali Pizzaria & Bar hosts its Beer Bracket, 16 craft beers divided into four regions. Chosen by patrons, the winner of each competes for the championship and a permanent spot on tap for 2012. March 4-April 7. For more information, call 617.742.4144. [Official Site]

BOSTON - The 23rd Annual Boston Wine Festival continues with the Newton Vineyard Winery Dinner, showcasing the vineyard's unfiltered wines and proprietal blend The Puzzle and a meal by Chef Daniel Bruce. Wednesday, March 7, 7pm, at the Boston Harbor Hotel, $155. Purchase tickets: 866.660.WINE. [Official Site]