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Moko in South Boston Still Waiting for Liquor License

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[Photo: Facebook/Moko]

Earlier this month Moko Japanese Cuisine opened in South Boston, but the restaurant tells Eater that it is still waiting to obtain a liquor license. Moko hopes to have the license as soon as possible but could not yet comment on the timing, so for now it's BYOB and luckily there's a liquor store close at hand. Moko is run by the same team as Samurai in Back Bay and serves sushi, sashimi and maki plus a handful of Korean dishes, and while it may not have booze, it does have an appetizer called "Sexy Crispy." Thrillist says that when Moko does start serving alcohol, it plans to carry sake and soju as well as Japanese beers like Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale.

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Samurai Boston

827 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 617 236 7672 Visit Website

Moko Japanese Cuisine

674 East Broadway, Boston, MA 02127 617-752-4601

Moko Japanese Cuisine

674 East Broadway, South Boston, MA