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Further Details on the Closing of Floating Rock

An anonymous comment on Eater may provide further insight into the closing of The Floating Rock Restaurant, which shut its doors earlier this week. We can't confirm or deny the following without knowing the identity of the commenter, but a Chowhound post with snippets from a Cambridge City Council meeting does suggest that there were problems of some nature with the landlord that endangered the restaurant's existence. In the words of our anonymous commenter:

"Actually it had nothing to do with Moksa which is having its own problems opening but everything to do with their never having paid rent from the first day they opened to the day they were forced to close because of a court injunction. The landlord felt that he deserved rent. Imagine that! Today two sheriff cars were out front of Floating Rock guarding the location because the owners spent the better part of the night (we're talking 12 am to 5am) removing every possible item from the building."

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Floating Rock Restaurant & Bar

485 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139 617-455-4009