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A Challenge From Craigie On Main; Lost Teeth

Photo: Cragie On Main/Free Food Boston

CAMBRIDGE - An employee of an unnamed restaurant on Main St. lost some teeth over standing up to vandals. His assailants were caught in the act of trashing some plants, he chased them, then one of them knocked out some of his teeth near the intersection of Prospect and Bishop Allen. [Wicked Local]

HUB-WIDE - Local ice cream chain J.P. Licks plans to up its non-dairy game by introducing a new line of "hemp-based" ice cream. And... make weed jokes. [Wicked Local]

CAMBRIDGE - Craigie On Main brings back its annual "Road Less Traveled" dinner, a five-course tasting of unusual ingredients like sea cucumber and duck testicles. "If you don’t have to crank up your search engine to identify/pronounce at least 10 of the offerings, we’ve let you down, and, for that, we guarantee you a complimentary order of pig ears on your next visit!" $95, make reservations by calling 617.497.5511. [Official Site]

Craigie On Main

853 Main Street, , MA 02139 (617) 497-5511 Visit Website