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Namaskar in Davis Square Cuts Hours, May Have Closed

Photo: Namaskar/Official Site

Since early this month reports have been circulating about the closing of Namaskar in Davis Square. While Eater cannot confirm that the restaurant has officially closed, we can say that they've failed to pick up their phone during regular business hours at several points in the past two weeks, and now both lines appear to be disconnected. Davis Square's LiveJournal abounds with closed sightings and also mentions a legacy of increasingly spotty service. And for what it's worth, the restaurant's website still offers a coupon for Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater, which is now a completely different establishment: the Davis Square Theater. We can definitely say that Namaskar has cut its hours, perhaps all of them. Got an update? Hit up the tipline.

· Davis Square LiveJournal [Official Site via CH]
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234 Elm Street, Somerville, MA