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Sam Adams Announces a Beer for the Boston Marathon

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Photo: 115th Boston Marathon/CFF

The Boston Beer Company has announced a new Boston Marathon-themed beer called Samuel Adams Boston 26.2 Brew. Officials say the beer will be made available at Boston Marathon events and “a few select pubs and restaurants along the marathon route.” We're fully expecting the brewery to issue a statement to the tune of "we don't advise combining alcohol consumption and exercise," but still... a marathon beer? Sure it may be intended for marathon observers rather than participants, but boy does it seem weird to create a unique brand of intoxicant specifically tied to a hardcore sporting event.

Plus the beer has "a lighter body and slightly lower alcohol level" than many other Sam Adams products, which almost suggests that runners should be drinking it. Perhaps the beer is intended as a virtual marathon-in-a-bottle experience, with the alcohol replicating the neurological effects of running a marathon for all the people on the sidelines too lazy to do it themselves. But of course there's a much more plausible explanation: money.

· Sam Adams brewer crafts beer for the granddaddy of all marathons [CNBC]