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Is Todd English's Kingfish Hall Closing?

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Photo: Facebook/Todd English's Kingfish Hall

An anonymous source shared by local restaurant critic MC Slim JB suggests that Todd English's Kingfish Hall is in turmoil. A call placed to the restaurant reveals that it is not taking reservations as it usually does, is closing earlier than usual (9pm), and offering only a limited menu. A KH employee told Eater that the changes are temporary and due to renovations, which corroborates what the Globe's Devra First tweeted last week: "According to @ChefToddEnglish Kingfish Hall closed for a night for repairs but is now open and will stay open."

But then there's this tweet from Sorriso bar manager and Publick House bartender Michael Cooney: "Kingfish is done-new Olives crew starts their training in that location next week while finishing touches are done in Charlestown." And then there's the really juicy stuff, which comes from our source, who is anonymous and therefore impossible to validate. However the author claims to be a Todd English Enterprises employee, and if even a shred of their testimonial is true, then things aren't looking good.

From our anonymous tipster, received last week:

"I am a current employee of Todd English Enterprises and a disgruntled one at that. If you have time please look into the unbelievable events Señor English put the staff through at Kingfish Hall over the last 24 hours. All employees were told to go home last night at 7pm and that Kingfish was closing for "renovations". Rumors in the Kitchen were that every major vendor had shut us off and we could not get any food to be delivered. So after being "laid off" I went out for a few beers and on my walk back by Kingfish I saw the windows with paper on them much like the way Olives has looked for 2 years now.

Today I called a friend of mine who works for the Faneuil Hall Mgmt Co and he told me Todd was threatened with a lawsuit by FH for improper closing. I then get a call from Kingfish Management telling me I had to report to work Friday as scheduled as the restaurant was reopening? Is this guy serious? On top of all that over the last 4 months or so our bi weekly paychecks have bounced or we've been told we could not get our paychecks until the following week leaving most of us with families without much needed money for days if not weeks."

So there you have it. Got something to add? By all means, leave a comment.

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Kingfish Hall

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