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Tuesday Fight Night; Leap Day at KO Prime

Photo: Parlor Sports/Thrillist

CAMBRIDGE - You have half an hour to buy one of ten remaining tickets to tonight's Tuesday Night Fights at Parlor Sports. Tonight it's chef Suzi Maitland versus chef Greg Reeves of Green Street to see who can make the best nachos. For tickets, click here - quick! ($15) [Eventbrite via GS]

DOWNTOWN/CAMBRIDGE - See here for a podcast interview with Tiffany Pham, who owns the Momogoose food truck. Tidbit: a customer gets engaged to a Momogoose employee. [Polis]

DOWNTOWN - Ken Oringer's KO Prime Steakhouse and Bar celebrates Leap Day with a special discounted bar bites menu. Throughout 2/29, Philly cheese steak, pulled chicken sliders, calamari and tater tots are all offered for $2.29 in the lounge and at the bar. For more details, call 617.772.0202. [BostonChefs]

KO Prime

90 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108 617 772 0202

Green Street

280 Green Street, , MA 02139 (617) 876-1655 Visit Website