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NYC Bar Bans Sam Adams In Honor of Super Bowl

In a stunning display of sportsmanship and maturity, a New York City bar has banned Sam Adams beer in light of Super Bowl related rivalry. CBS Boston reports that Foley's Pub and Restaurant in Midtown "has declared prohibition" against Sam Adams beer and is keeping it classy by smearing a Samuel Adams banner with a big, black X. “There will be two very skilled bartenders here taking care of everybody, however no one will be getting served Sam Adams,” said one bartender to CBS. As a result, the bar's been getting a lot of angry calls from one Paul Revere.

Why couldn't they follow the pacifist example set by chef Eric Brennan of Post 390, who has attempted to bury the hatchet in soup, combining Manhattan and New England style chowders in a single bowl? Other food related Super Bowl clashes involve the Chef's Super Bowl Smackdown, in which chefs from the losing city have to serve iconic foods from the winning city.

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[Photo: CBS Boston]