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Portland Mayor Disses Boston Over Top Chef Location

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As Eater reported yesterday, Boston is actively wooing Bravo in the hopes of bringing the show Top Chef to town for its next season, but we're not the only city that wants a piece of the action. The Boston Business Journal reports that Boston is indeed being considered but so is Portland, OR. Fair enough, but last night Portland mayor Sam Adams tweeted "Portland vs. Boston!? Baked Beans, Bulkie Rolls & watery beer!? That's our competition!? Game on!" Yes, we know it's confusing: the mayor of Portland happens to be named Sam Adams, and also chose to dis Boston beer, the most well known of which is also called Sam Adams. Clearly, this is a case of a self-hating Sam Adams. As for a reply regarding Portland's food culture, we think Portlandia has that taken care of.

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[Photo: Facebook/Sam Adams]