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Hot Chefs Semi-Finals: Santos, Chang, Scelfo and Newell

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Photo: Jason Santos, Joanne Chang, Michael Scelfo, Rebecca Newell

eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgAnnouncing the winner of Friday's poll: Dana Love of Kingston Station! And now we're on to semi-finals: today and tomorrow you'll have the chance to vote on our eight Hot Chefs semi-finalists in two four-chef heats. The winners from each day will go on to compete in the one-on-one finals round, and then that winner will compete with other winners from Eater cities across the country in the nationals round. Your semi-finalists for today are: Jason Santos, Joanne Chang, Michael Scelfo, and Rebecca Newell. Polls will close 24 hours after they're posted, so you have from now till 1pm tomorrow to vote. May the hottest chef win.

Poll results

Kingston Station

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