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The Cheesecake Factory Agrees to Print Drink Prices

Photo: Flickr/Ronaldo Lima Jr.

Following the threat of a lawsuit by a local attorney, The Cheesecake Factory will now be updating the menus at seven locations in Massachusetts to include prices for cocktails. The prices of drinks were previously unlisted, and though they were available upon request, of course it feels kind of tacky to ask. The Cheesecake Factory and many other establishments count on that tackiness to generate a few extra bucks from the shy, but the restaurant's agreement to publish prices could set a precedent for others. According to an article in the Herald, the lawyer who instigated the change isn't stopping here. "At this point we’re looking at other national chains... but we’re going to go after everybody.

· Sticker shock, lawsuit threat force change at Cheesecake Factory [BH]

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