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Boston Chops Steakhouse Stalled by Lack of License

Photo: The former Ginger Park/

Now that rumors of a new steakhouse for the South End have matured into facts, here comes the cold water. Brian Piccini of Deuxave and dbar hopes to open a new steakhouse called Boston Chops in the Washington Street space left vacant by Banq and then Ginger Park, but UniversalHUB reports that there currently aren't any liquor licenses available. And without one, it's unlikely that the new venture would succeed where its predecessors have not. UH says the plan is to wait until an existing license opens up, so put your hopes on the back burner for now, even thought the back burner isn't really where you want to cook a steak.

· No license for proposed South End steakhouse [UniversalHUB]


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Boston Chops

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