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Pawngo Pretends to Be Sorry; Friendly's CEO Retires

Photo: Stoddard's/Joonbug

BACK BAY - The online company Pawngo issued an apology for its Patriots-bashing Butterfinger stunt in Copley Square earlier this week. Quoth Pawngo's CEO: “Please accept my most sincere apologies. We got caught up in the moment.” Riiiiight... [, EB]

STATEWIDE - The CEO of Friendly's is resigning, as is the company's chief marketing officer, following filing for Chapter 11, closing 100 restaurants and laying off about 2,000 workers. Does this mean he can no longer get the employee discount to feed his Fribbles habbit? [BG]

DOWNTOWN - Join Girls Pint Out for Narragansett's Bock Kick-Off Party at Stoddard's. The beer's tagline is "“Drink the Goat,” though the can seems to feature a ram. Tonight, starting at 7pm, 21 and older, free with Bocks selling for $3 a can. For more details call 617.426.0048. [DigBoston]

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