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Evan Deluty Wins Chefs for Obama Cooking Competition

[Photos: Eater Boston]

Last night the Cyclorama was abuzz with gastro-democratic fervor as top Boston chefs competed in a cooking competition at a fundraiser dubbed Chefs for Obama. It would be impossible to describe the event without using the phrase "who's who." Let's just say that if there's one thing last night taught us, it's that a whole lot of Boston's kitchen talent goes blue. Each chef and their team contributed a dish that was then judged by a panel including Deval Patrick, state first lady Diane Patrick and the squash playing/cooking chef Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger. The night's winner?

Chef Evan Deluty of Stella and his quattro funghi pizza with a whole wheat crust, shiitake, oyster, crimini mushrooms and white truffle oil. In second place was Jody Adams of Rialto and Trade, who served spiced chicken ravioli with figs and oranges. Third place went to Ting Sang of Oiishi, who presented shiitake sushi, tuna sushi, Kobe beef maki and Japanese yam tempura maki. But in the spirit of democracy, if one were to judge the winner by the longest line at the chef's booth, Adams had it. Also of note were Tiffani Faison's raw and roasted Brussels sprout salad with candied chestnuts and farro, Jamie Bissonnette's oysters escabeche, parsnip hummus by Will Gilson, catfish tacos with collard greens kimchi by Barry Maiden and "healthy" s'mores by Brian Reyelt.

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