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First Annual Hottest Chef in Boston Contest Starts Today

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Ladies and gents, boys and girls, Eater readers across Boston: it's time to launch Eater's hotly anticipated Third Annual Hottest Chef Competition! This is the first year that Boston will enter the national competition, with 24 local, reader-nominated chefs battling it out for the coveted title through daily polls. When the dust settles, the champion will go on to face the winners from our sister sites in Austin, Miami, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

How it works: A special panel of experts have ranked all submitted chefs, and daily battles will continue until we have our final six. Then, the last/hottest chef standing goes on to represent Boston nationally. As is always the case, we'll be keeping a close watch on any suspicious behavior, and disqualifications are always an option. So let's make it a clean fight.

Voting for Round 1, Heat 1 starts at 1 PM.