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Monster Halibut on The Menu at Deuxave Tonight

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Photo: Deuxave chef Adrienne Wright and friend, Facebook/Christopher Coombs

Deuxave patrons will have the opportunity to feast on the flesh of a record-breaking halibut tonight. Scituate boat captain Phil Lynch, of The Mary Elizabeth, hauled in the 96 pound fish this morning, and a representative for the restaurant says it's the biggest caught there in more than two decades. After ruling the high seas, the fish is on special tonight alongside faro and butternut squash risotto with Chantenay carrots, Brussels sprouts leaves, radishes, a leek puree and black truffles ($39).

Caviar from the halibut (it was a "she") will also be featured, and the dried roe treat known as Bottarga is being made from the same fish and should appear on the menu next month. According to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, the record for a New England halibut is 450 pounds, from 1908, though "most of the 'large' fish landed in New England ports weigh from 50 to 200 pounds."

· Chris Coombs [Facebook]
· Gulf of Maine Research Institute [Official Site]


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