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Clover Heads for The Burbs; The Coffee Trike Gears Up

BURLINGTON - There's much talk of upping the restaurant ante in the burbs these days, and, well, here's more proof. Clover, which runs a bunch of food trucks plus brick and mortars in Inman and Harvard, is next headed for Burlington Marketplace, says Linear Realty. Empire builder indeed! [Linear Realty via BRT]

BACK BAY - Zagat says that two-fifths of the best restaurants in Back Bay are in the Eliot Hotel. That would be Clio and Uni. Which are both stupendous, but if one were to pick only five restaurants in a given neighborhood, maybe two of them shouldn't sort of be the same restaurant? [Z]

BOSTON/CAMBRIDGE - Are coffee tricycles the new food trucks? Find out soon enough when The Coffee Trike debuts: a post on Facebook depicts the vehicle/cafe now in operation. Also, it sounds hard to pedal. [Facebook]
[Photo: Facebook/The Coffee Trike]

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370 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215 617 536 7200

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