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Where Do You Think Ferran Adrià Ate?

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Photo: Ferran Adrià and the Garden at the Cellar crew/Brandon Arms/Twitter

Last night the legendary, internationally renowned Spanish chef Ferran Adrià was in town for a lecture at Harvard's Science & Cooking series. And where did the man who catapulted El Bulli to its status as one of the most famous restaurants in the history of the world go for dinner? Garden at the Cellar in Cambridge. Chef Brandon Arms tweeted a photo of himself, his team and Adrià in the kitchen, and sous-chef Anthony Palmisano made no effort to mask his enthusiasm, tweeting "I cooked for mother fucking Ferran Adrià tonight."

· Brandon Arms [Twitter]
· Anthony Palmisano [Twitter]

Garden at The Cellar

991 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138 617-475-0045 Visit Website

Garden at the Cellar

991 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA