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Globe Finds All Kinds of Mislabeled Fish All Over Again

Photo: Jerry Remy's Seaport/Official Site

Once again, the Globe has found that many local restaurants aren't serving the type of fish they claim to be. Last year the paper conducted a series of DNA tests that found scores of Massachusetts restaurants guilty of mislabeling fish, either willfully or because they themselves had been misled by distributors. This time around, the Globe tested 76 samples from 58 of the guilty parties from last year, and found that 76% of them were still at it. For instance: "Instead of 'fresh Boston cod' promised on the menu, Jerry Remy's Seaport served Pacific cod, which is often previously frozen, cheaper, and hauled thousands of miles to New England." Here's a list of which restaurants sold fish by another name this year and last and here's some background on how the testing went down.

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