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Union Square May Get Union Square Donuts

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Union Square, Somerville may become yet even more of a cool food neighborhood now that a new doughnut shop plans to open here. Over the weekend the Somerville-based Culinary Cruisers - home of the kombuchacycle - debuted a new project called Union Square Donuts at the Local is for Lovers holiday market at the Center for Arts at the Armory on Highland Ave. Per Twitter, flavors included chocolate chipotle and honey glaze with toasted almonds. And that might just be the beginning. Union Square Donuts tells Eater that plans are in the works to open a retail shop at 201 Somerville Ave, which is the same address as the shared-use space Kitchen Inc.

The Boston area is even more doughnut-crazed than the rest of the country, but with few exceptions like Verna's in Cambridge and Twin Donuts in Allston, there aren't a ton of non-Dunkies options. But in other doughnut news, Stacked Donuts may also be in the works from Top Chef contestant and No. 9 Park rounds cook Stephanie Cmar. Is it to early to officially declare the return of the independent doughnut shop? No? Okay, then: the return of the independent doughnut shop is happening.

And why else is Union Square so cool/hot? For one thing, Bronwyn. Union Square Donuts will next appear at the Eat Boutique holiday market this Sunday.

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[Photo: One of Union Square Donuts' first customers/Twitter]

Kitchen Inc.

201 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA

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