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Strong Feelings: The Year's Most Commented-On Posts

Photo: Puritan & Company chef-owner Will Gilson, "pregnant" with the restaurant/451 Marketing

For your amusement, here are the ten most commented-on Eater Boston posts of 2012. Note: "most commented-on" does not mean most sanely or most politely commented-on. Got a problem with that? Leave a comment.

1. Hot Chefs Semi-Finals: Barros, Coombs, Mei and Love
2. Pigalle to Customer: 'You Must Enjoy Vomit'
3. Bridgestreet? You Mean Puritan & Co.
4. Vote for Boston's Restaurant of The Year
5. Hot Chefs Semi-Finals: Santos, Chang, Scelfo and Newell
6. Time to Vote: Choose Boston's Chef of the Year
7. Pigalle Chef Marc Orfaly Issues Apology
8. Time to Decide Boston's Best Cocktail Bar
9. The 38 Essential Boston Restaurants, January '12
10. Boston's 15 Most Iconic Drinks